Hello! I am so happy and excited that you have chosen to participate in the HUG YOUR BUB charity photo event! Your donation will help the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to purchase the much needed medical equipment for hospitals that care for sick children.

Here is some information for your HUG YOUR BUB charity photo session:

What to wear?

The rule of thumb is to stick to neutrals and earthy tones. Lighter colours such as whites, beiges and pastel colours are the good go-tos as they have calming effects on photos. It is best not to wear anything that have busy prints, large logos or heavy patterns. Below are some examples I've found on the internet for mums, older girls and babies. Note that little babies would be very cute with just a little bloomer or birthday suit (if you and your baby are comfortable).

How to prepare for the photo session? 

In my experience, a calm, tired and sleepy (or even sleeping) baby is the most cuddly baby.  A couple of things to remember though, children react to our stress and the parking at Balmoral Beach could be a bit tricky at times, so please allow some extra time to get to your photo session. Perhaps you can arrive at Balmoral Beach a bit earlier, so you can have a little play or look around with your baby before your photo session. Hopefully, your baby will be relax, a bit tired and very happy to cuddle up to you when it's time for the photoshoot. However, it is no big deal if your baby decides to be a bit independent during the photo session. Let's just follow your baby's lead and we will still be able to capture beautiful images of you and your bub.

It would be a good idea to bring some snacks and water if your baby is a bit older just in case. You can also nurse or bottle feed your baby during the photo session, it is a special bonding time between mum and bub during feeding time, it certainly is a special cuddly moment worth capturing. 

What if it rains or we are sick on the day?

Overcast days would produce beautiful images. However, if the weather is very bad, charity session for the day would be rescheduled. If you or your bub is sick, I am happy to reschedule your session also.

How long does it take before I see my edited photos?

I know how eager you would be to see your photos post your photo session! You will receive a link to view the unedited images within a week after your session, so that you can choose your favourites. The beautifully edited digital files will be available to you within 2 weeks once your favourites are confirmed. All final edited images will be sent to you via a password protected online platform. You can share and download the images there.


Please fill out the 2 minutes questionnaire by clicking on the linked button below so I can get to know more about you and your expectations.  

I can't wait to take the special images for you! 

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 9.42.25 pm.png
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Thank you!