Hello! I am so happy and excited that you have chosen me to capture your special moments!  I can assure you that you are going to have a wonderful experience!

If you haven't looked at the FAQs, it is worthwhile to take a look as you may find some of the information useful.

In addition, I've put together some information on what to wear, what to expect on the day and what is going to happen after your photo session. 

In order for me to prepare for your special and unique photo experience, please give me some information about you (and your family) and what your expectations are by clicking on the 'Questionnaire' button at the end of this page. 

I can't wait to take your special images for you! 


The rule of thumb is to stick to neutrals and earthy tones. Lighter colours such as whites, beiges and pastel colours are the good go-tos as they have calming effects on photos. It is best not to wear anything that have busy prints, large logos or heavy patterns. However, it is important that you wear things that you feel comfortable with, and what you love to wear! Your photography session is lifestyle focused, I am there to capture the genuine moments and connections, so please feel free to dress what makes you feel comfortable, and be who you are. I promise you that you will feel so much more fun and relaxed just to be comfortable and be who you are! 


Family Lifestyle . Little Ones 

For an outdoor session, I would normally turn up 10 to 15 mins prior to the scheduled time to take a look at the available natural light, finding the best spots for your photo set up and prepare myself. 

For an in-home session, I will be there as per our scheduled time. I would like us to first walk around your home to locate the rooms or spots that have the best natural light if I didn't manage to visit you prior to your in-home session. From the questionnaire below, you can help me to identify the specific rooms that are specially meaningful to you and your family. I would love to shoot in your favourite spots or rooms of your home if the lighting is sufficient. 

For both in-home or on-location sessions, it is very important for me to meet all the family members first, and to allow them to get used to my presence (especially important for the little ones). I would warm up the younger children by asking them some questions, sharing some jokes, playing a game or two, or doing some movements with them. Once we've met, I would start by asking you to do a couple of activities together while chatting to you and taking a few warm up shots. I would try to take some images of the whole family together first. But don't be surprised if I follow your little ones to different spots or rooms when I see some cues from them, just so I can capture some unique images. During your session, I would try to capture moments of different family members by themselves or together. My aim is to help you to document your memories. I strongly encourage you to do some family favourite activities, so everyone is more relaxed, and more genuine family moments can be captured. I would also give you some reminders here and there. For younger children, one suggestion is to put a couple of your child/children's favourite toys or games away leading up to the session, and you can pull them out during your session so they can be more engaged when you are playing those toys/games with them.


Some of the above information is also applicable to a newborn session. But for newborn specific, I work around the baby's (babies') own pace. I'll work around your baby's (babies') routine so our little subjects are as happy as possible on the day. Usually the most successful time for photographing babies is after a good sleep and are well fed before we start. The sessions may last way longer than one hour as we want a calm and relaxing experience for you and your baby/babies. Please feel free to stop anytime for feeding, nappy changing, having some cuddles or simply taking a break. Just relax and share the special moments with your precious gift.  Don't forget to let me know through the questionnaire below on any particular images you would like me to capture, for example, bathing, breastfeeding,  tummy time or cuddle in bed. 


It would be lovely to shoot at a place that is meaningful to your and your partner. It can be at the comfort of your own home or at a specific location you wish. The session will run according to the location and I will guide you to capture your expression towards your baby/babies, partner and that particular moment in your life. 

Events & Special Occasions

I arrive 30min prior to your event to do a quick set up and lighting review. Depending on the event style and brief, I will engage with people and try to capture the moments and document it in a fun way. Please let me know your timing and activities of the events, specific requirements, and the list of guests that you would like me to take photos of.  


I know how eager you will be to see your photos post your photo session! After your session, I will share a sneak peek of a couple of my favourite images with you within 48 hours.

For the Laughter package, I will be carefully selecting the most beautiful images to edit. Images with eyes closed, unflattering poses, and duplicate images are removed. Your beautifully edited digital files and personalised slideshow will be available to you within 3 weeks after our photo session. 

For the Giggle package, you will receive a link to view the unedited images about a week after your session, so that you can choose your favourites. The beautifully edited digital files will be available to you within 3 weeks once your favourites are confirmed. 


All final edited images and slideshow* will be sent to you via a password protected online platform. You can share the images and slideshow with your friends or family. From there, you can download all the images and slideshow for your enjoyment.

*slideshow is available for the Laughter package only. 

Please fill out the 3 minutes questionnaire so I can get to know more about your style and expectations.  

Thank you!